Want to read my Happy Endings spec?

Since the fun hang-out comedy Happy Endings was canceled last TV season, I figured I'd throw up the spec script I wrote for the show since it's no longer useful in the biz. It's probably not the best spec ever since it's the first I ever completed, but I must say, I'm pretty proud of the Brad/Jane subway story as it makes me giggle and is basically an amalgamation of the best CTA horror stories my friends and I have encountered (it probably shows a little too much that those two characters were my favorites).

So please, feel free to read it. I'd love to hear any thoughts about what you think is good or what could've been better as I'm still developing these skills. As always, if you want to read my other specs (I currently have two pilots), just let me know and I'll share them with you in exchange for feedback.

Here it is, folks: Happy Endings - Cabin Fever